Month: December 2020

Banfield Pet Hospital arrives at Hoffman Estates

Hoffman Estates Village Board of Directors unanimously approved the construction of a 4,000 square foot Banfield Pet Hospital as the new outlot of the Hoffman Plaza Shopping Center at 1061 N. Roselle Road . Banfield was established in 1955 and operates more than 950 neighborhood veterinary clinics across the country, project officials said. As a […]

“The Reward Is Worth It”: For Some Pet Adoption Centers, 2020 Was A Record Year

TORONTO – Although the COVID-19 pandemic has strained many people and businesses across the country, it has been quite beneficial for pets looking for new homes. As the pandemic began in early spring, adoption centers across the country reported an increase in new adoptions and fostering of pets, as people suddenly working from home had […]

Pet shop owner convicted of animal cruelty convicted of violation

YPSILANTI TWP., MI – A pet shop owner in Ypsilanti Township accused of improperly caring for animals in his store, selling sick and dying animals, has been sentenced to probation. Stuart William Collins, owner and operator of Pet City Pets, was sentenced Nov. 12 to nine months probation after pleading guilty to one count of […]

Don’t Fall For These Pet Adoption Scams

Photo: VILevi (Shutterstock) Even under normal circumstances, people tend to feel lonely while on vacation, but bbuying a pet to fill an emotional void is particularly trending this year as we enter a holiday season as we experience a raging pandemic. Sadly, thousands of lonely Americans who search the internet for a quarantined pet find […]

Pet store: I never imagined this would happen to my cat | Blog: The Pet Shop

Pet Events in the Triad ANIMAL EVENTS Get information, stories and more from The Pet Shop blog at Send events to [email protected] Adoption of pets for the holidays: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays until December 31, Burlington Animal Services, 221 Stone Quarry Road, Burlington. Adopt any […]

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