Ambleside business owner celebrates one year since taking over pet shop


A BUSINESS owner has celebrated his one year anniversary since taking over a pet store and promises a ‘new era’ for pet owners in South Lakeland.

Caroline Denholm took over Paws by the Lake in 2021 and rebranded the premises of The Old Toll House as ‘Ambleside Pet Shop’, transforming the offering as well as the aesthetic.

To celebrate the pet store’s anniversary, Caroline will be hosting a Paws and Prosecco night on Wednesday, June 1 where she will offer training tips, including early lead/harness training.

VICTORIAN: the lower section, with the original 19th century floor

The building has been a pet store since 2007 under the name Paws by the Lake, but Caroline wanted to put her own stamp on the place.

Caroline said: “I’ve been buying a lot of new stock, like high end accessories, gifts and treats, and I think I’m the only person in Cumbria selling some of the high end dog foods like Orijen and Eden.”

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“Ruffwear is a brand new product that has come to the Southern Lakes. It is mountain clothing for dogs. It hasn’t been stocked here before and I think Ambleside Pet Shop is the first to have in the south Some lakes.

“We also have a new travel section that we’ve introduced, people who come to the lakes can buy just about anything for their dogs, from dog beds to tick tools.”

Caroline prides herself on being passionate about product knowledge, she can tell customers which trails will be best for their dogs and give individual advice on how to train your own dog.

The Westmorland Gazette: Upstairs: The first floor has a more gift-oriented rangeUPSTAIRS: The first floor has a more gift-oriented range

In addition to owning the boutique, Caroline is training to become a qualified trainer and has just completed her canine first aid course so she can advise her clients on health, nutrition and fit.

She said: “I don’t think anyone has really done this in the store before, there really hasn’t been anything like this in the South Lakes area.”

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“It really makes the Ambleside Pet Shop a beacon for anyone coming to this part of the lakes and needing advice on everything from teeth to what a good bed is.”

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