APL Friendship reopens for in-person visits, pet adoption

ELYRIA, Ohio – Now that pandemic restrictions have been lifted, state pet shelters are reopening for in-person adoptions.

What would you like to know

  • Friendship Animal Protection League rescues pets in a bid to adopt spayed and neutered animals into homes
  • It is the largest animal shelter in Lorain County
  • APL is a private, independent, non-profit humanitarian company founded in Elyria

Dolores and Karen Sultzbaugh were on a mission when they joined the Friendship Animal Care League in Lorain. They are determined to find a small dog for Dolores.

“I need another one. I need someone to talk to to be on my own,” said Dolores Sultzbaugh of Lorain.

Dolores and her daughter-in-law were thrilled to finally be able to re-enter the PLA again and see the animals in person rather than virtually.

“Pets really help people see life and everyone has been depressed and has no one to talk to, so a pet is always a good thing to have in your home,” said Karen Sultzbaugh , a resident of Lorain.

Dolores, 88, lost her beloved dog, Ellie, a few weeks ago, leaving her on her own.

“My husband passed away when I had the pet. She really helped me and got me through that too,” she said.

Dolores has found a new mate and her name is “Rukus”, a 6 year old pug mix.

She has filled out the appropriate papers and the two get along very well.

“I have a whole big box of toys for you to choose from,” Dolores said.

Now the two new friends can keep each other company so that neither of them feel alone.

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