Avoid a trip to the pet hospital this holiday season with these tips

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — This time of year, veterinarians are seeing an increase in visits due to the vagaries of the holidays.

“This holiday season is a joyous time for people, but can be dangerous for pets,” said Kitty Yanko, director of the Peoria Humane Society.

Yanko said Christmas decorations are especially tempting for pets.

“Things that move, things that shine are really attractive to pets. So if you have a Christmas tree this time of year, you have tinsel, you have twine, garland or Anything a pet might want to hunt and eat is a hazard, so be careful,” she said.

She said owners should “err on the side of caution”, watching for signs such as vomiting and lethargic behavior. It could mean the animal ate something it wasn’t supposed to.

“Cats and dogs like to chase things, they like to chew things. So if it’s shiny, shiny or moving, it can definitely be an attraction for them to check it out, put it in their mouth. Sometimes they’re just playing, but it can become a serious situation if they ingest something they’re not supposed to,” she said.

Yanko also added to be careful with holiday plants. Poinsettias are toxic to cats.

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