Castleford Pet Store that sells only natural foods

Shannon Clewlow opened a pet store in Castleford selling raw food.

Bruce, an American Bulldog, had a terrible skin allergy, and Shannon was spending hundreds of pounds each month on medications, blood tests, and special hypoallergenic foods.

Nothing was improving his condition and his skin was raw and bleeding, he even chewed his feet to try and stop the itching.

It has been suggested that Bruce might be allergic to grains, so Shannon was advised to try it with raw food.

Alex Mugatroyd outside Castleford pet sop Raw Natural

She spent several weeks researching the benefits of raw eating and, through a process of elimination, devising a diet that cured her condition.

She said: “We found out that in addition to grain, he had an adverse reaction to chicken which is due to the fact that they are fed grain.”

Shannon is now a strong advocate for raw food and when she lost her hospitality job due to Covid, she decided to open her own shop at Castleford Paw Natural Pet Supplies on Bridge Street.

She said: “I am passionate about animals and animal welfare and seeing the difference a raw diet can make for a dog is amazing.

“The opening of the store allowed me to promote its benefits for animal health.

“I can’t believe how busy the store has been since it opened in May.

“Customers come with their dogs to be weighed and we discuss the best products for each animal.

“I have tried to keep prices realistic to encourage people to try their dogs on raw food and am always available to give help and advice on any aspect of raw food.

Shannon intends to expand the range she sells in the store and is happy to hear from customers who have a favorite product that they would like her to stock.

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