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The Tullahoma Animal Shelter’s proposed adoption fee increase will go into effect this spring, after the Tullahoma Council of Mayor and Aldermen approved the second reading of Ordinance No. 1571. The ordinance repeals a section of the Tullahoma Municipal Code that lists the various fees and fines associated with the Tullahoma Animal Shelter in order to replace it with an updated fee schedule.

The council passed the measure on first reading at its January 28 meeting in a 6-0 vote, in the absence of Alderman Sernobia McGee.

According to Police Chief Jason Williams (the animal shelter’s operations fall under the jurisdiction of the Tullahoma Police Department), the average cost for dog care at the shelter is $125 per dog, and previous adoptions of $10 were “grossly undervalued”. and did not allow the shelter to recoup medical expenses for the care of the shelter dogs. In a note on the subject, Williams said the increased price would “help offset the costs of ensuring animals that come into our facility are healthy enough to be adoptable.”

The order raises the adoption fee to $100, among other changes. In addition to adoption fees, pickup fees will increase from $15 per animal to $50; animal maintenance fees will increase from $7.50 per animal/day to $15 per animal/day; and the fee for animals in quarantine will increase from $12.50 per animal/day to $15 per animal/day. The $25 fine for animal control and the $50 fine for unvaccinated animals will remain the same under the ordinance.

The new fee schedule will take effect April 1, giving potential adopters more than six weeks to save their money for a new canine companion.

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