COVID-19: Pet adoption rate, increased plant sales amid outbreak

  • By Hsu Cho-hsun, Yeh Yung-chien and Jake Chung / Staff Journalists, with Editor-in-Chief

Pet adoption rates and plant sales have increased amid a nationwide Level 3 COVID-19 alert as people seek companionship and ways to care for the House.

The Taoyuan Animal Welfare Bureau said on Friday that its pet adoption rate reached 88% this month, a 10% increase from the previous year.

He launched an online promotion to encourage the adoption of pets, he said.

Photo: Hsu Chuo-hsun, Taipei Times

A recent adopter nicknamed Huang (黃) said having a pet for a white collar living alone is a big boon and helps alleviate feelings of loneliness.

Office director Wang Te-chi (王 得 吉) said that although the office compound remains closed to the public during the alert, residents of Taoyuan or those living in other cities can visit the office’s website, or an Instagram or Facebook account to search for pets. that they think is a great game for them.

People who wish to adopt a pet must inform the office of the animal’s code number and agree to the procedures, he said.

Once the procedures are completed, future pet owners must set a date to pick up their new family member, he said.

All pandemic prevention measures – mask wear, temperature measurements and social distancing – would apply to people arriving to pick up their pets, he said.

Separately, a Pingtung County plant shop owner nicknamed Liu (劉) said people are growing green thumbs more and more amid the outbreak and buying smaller sized potted plants.

Growing plants and buying potted plants were once more popular with the elderly, but online shopping and home delivery have led to an increase in the number of young people willing to grow plants, he said.

Most of the plants that see their sales increase, including the Swiss cheese factory, succulents such as cacti and plum pine, are easy to care for and relatively inexpensive, he said.

Liu said the Swiss cheese factory’s sales had tripled to quadrupled during the alert period, adding, “Trends in the home economy are almost as unpredictable as the pandemic itself.”

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