Cumberland County Waives Pet Adoption Fees June 13-18

Normal adoption fees are waived for all pets June 13-18 at Animal Services in Fayetteville.

If you’re looking for a new pet, next week is looking good, because Cumberland County Animal Services waives all adoption fees for all pets June 13-18.

Animal Services sent the statement saying they were losing much of their housing capacity due to a resurfacing project, and the waived adoption fees have helped bring more pets into loving homes in the past.

“Animal Services will periodically request an adoption fee waiver from the County Executive for a variety of reasons,” said Director of Animal Services Elaine Smith. “We had remarkable success in May when we waived adoption fees ahead of the first phase of a state-mandated land resurfacing project.”

Cumberland County Animal Services is waiving adoption fees for all pets June 13-18 through Animal Services Center, 4704 Corporation Drive in Fayetteville.

“As the resurfacing project continues, we will once again temporarily lose a significant amount of housing capacity. We’re also full of cats and kittens this time of year,” Smith added. “We hope to adopt as many animals as possible into loving homes to avoid having to euthanize animals for lack of space.”

The shelter’s adoption hours are Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

According to Animal Services, all adopted pets will be vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered or neutered.

The $100 that is normally the adoption fee for dogs and the $70 fee for cats can be spent on items like toys, a bed, or treats.

For more information about Cumberland County Animal Services, email [email protected], visit, or call the shelter at 910-321-6852.

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