Dogs seized from Columbus pet store owner now for adoption

On the first day of adoptions, the queue at the Humanitarian Society was at the door.

COLOMB – A bright future began on Wednesday for dogs who have seen dark days.

In August, more than 278 animals, some dead, were collected by Columbus Humane in what the group called “devastating” conditions.

Now, after weeks of rehab, many surviving pets are ready for adoption and are heading to new homes.

On the first day of adoptions, the queue at the Humanitarian Society was at the door. The group must have let in about 10 groups at a time because there were so many people.

A total of 70 dogs and puppies were up for adoption on Wednesday.

It took a while for the case to go to court so that these animals could actually be adopted. Many of them needed medical attention.

“The puppies and adult dogs in this case have had a long journey to health and recovery,” said Rachel Finney, CEO of Columbus Humane. “A lot of them were sick, had pneumonia and even parvovirus. So we worked really hard from a vet point of view to make them healthy in their homes.”

Additional animals will be available on Thursday after their surgery. Columbus Humane is open Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The agency warns that there were more adopters than dogs, but you can consult their website for when animals are made available.

As for the owners, earlier this month they paid a fee and care bond for the animals they hope to recover.

Britny and Douglas DeVaul made it for five, so two cats and three dogs could be returned after the affair.

The DeVauls still face animal cruelty-related torts charges due to what was found during a raid on their Grove City home.

Additional charges are possible for conditions at their West Broad Street store in Columbus, which was also raided.

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