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Oscar, a 5-year-old dachshund, walked into the Homeward Pet Adoption Center with a little lameness, a wagging tail and a heart full of love. After an initial medical examination, it turned out that Oscar had a long list of medical issues and would need several surgeries to improve his quality of life.

Acting quickly, the clinic gave Oscar medication to repair his skin and quickly lined up a foster family experienced in restorative care.

Oscar recovers from his first rounds of treatments, but has to undergo more invasive surgery to give him a permanent fix for his ears. Homeward Pet veterinarians are unable to perform this surgery themselves due to equipment limitations. However, the non-profit organization is able to partner with another clinic thanks to generous donations to the Whoopi Fund for Animals with Special Needs.

The Whoopi Fund was created to provide all animals that come to Homeward Pet with the medical care they need. The objective is to improve the quality of life of all visiting animals, so that each cat and dog is in good health before leaving the adoption center for good.

Thanks to Whoopi’s Fund, the organization was able to provide essential medical care to 345 animals in 2021 alone. These medical interventions were made possible by generous donors and enabled each animal to live the rest of its life with less pain and worry.

Community members are encouraged to invest in Homeward Pet so that Oscar, and other sick and medically disabled pets, can get the help they need and have the time and resources to heal before they are adopted.

GiveBIG is a statewide fundraising campaign designed for individuals in Washington to invest in community programs. Donate by scanning the QR code or visiting the website.

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