Gloucester woman opens new pet store during Covid-19 pandemic

A woman who quit her job just days before the Covid-19 pandemic opened her own pet store in Gloucester.

Love 2 Pets is owned by Deborah Bowen, 47, of Gloucester. She made the decision to work for herself by opening her pet store in Bristol Road in February

She describes her business as a “small pet store with a big heart” and the company also offers Ms. Bowen’s own brand of food and pick and mix style pet treats.

Ms Bowen said: “It hasn’t been the easiest time to start your own business. A year ago I gave my notice for a previous job and was initially going to work for a pet store in Ross-on-Wye.

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“However, due to the personal circumstances of the store owner, the work was not going to take place. I was due to start there in February 2020 during the pandemic, and I had not worked there so that I could be on leave.

“So I insisted on doing it. “

Ms. Bowen is happy to have seized the opportunity and taken the opportunity to work for herself to provide a service that she is passionate about.

She said, “I have family who have owned pet stores and over the years. I have also had a lot of experience with rescue dogs and have gained knowledge over the years.

“I am passionate about animal nutrition and believe that some of the major branded foods are unable to take individual animal welfare into account.

“Part of my food brand called Buddy and Friends has really helped some dogs who have come to me with a bad belly.

“In one case, a dog owner came to see me because her pet had a very watery belly. After a few days of my brand of dog food the dog was fine enough to go for a walk and I was told he improved overnight.

“With the experience of these things comes knowledge, which I was able to pass on.

“Sometimes vets can be expensive and what we have can be of huge help and cost effective.

“We always say go to the vet, of course, however, we have expert advice that we can pass on for free.

“What’s also nice is that we have baskets of dog treats for customers to choose from. When the dogs come in, it’s like a child in a candy store.

“I hope to see new customers in my Bristol Road shop soon for a different pet experience.”

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