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“So it’s a lot of fun. I like my job. If I could get back to it, it would be even better.

Bae-ring, originally from Chicago, and Alicia, a graduate of Asheboro High School, live in Franklinville. They celebrated their 21st birthday a week earlier, the last weekend in June.

Alicia being a Blue Comet graduate, however, that’s not how Comet got her name.

When the iguana was a baby she said, “I kept saying ‘Calm him down, calm him down’ and it just stuck, so we just called him Comet.”

Alicia is allergic to cats and dogs, so the couple decided to adopt a rescue lizard to give it a try.

“We have a three foot lizard that we named Thundar,” JD said. “She passed away shortly after we got her, but she was abused, so we kind of knew it was going to happen. But we fell in love with her and had to buy another one. It’s been like that ever since. We had 11.

“We had one that lasted 15 years, Lickalodeon. Lick and I mainly did the magic shows.

The comet is three years old. They bought him from Pet Barn in Asheboro shortly after Lick died.

Comet hasn’t been able to do many shows yet, but he is enjoying domestic life.

“It’s the only lizard I know of that really likes to sit on an air conditioner,” JD said. “Most of them are sitting on a radiator. This one goes to the air conditioner and sticks his head on it.

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