Historic 1940s Glasgow Pet Shop for sale in Merchant City

The pet store’s iconic storefront is easily recognizable to anyone who has spent time in the Merchant City.

A famous and much-loved pet store operating in the Merchant City since the 1940s may soon change hands as it comes up for sale online.

Thomas Hays Pet and Aquarium Corner has sat on the corner of 2 Osborne Street for nearly 80 years. She landed in the 1960s in the hands of the current owner, who will now enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

The pet shop has a long history of supplying Glasgow residents with traditional pet supplies, specializing in all things pet, selling: tropical fish, birds, kittens, hamsters, various reptiles, pet food, cages , tanks and hutches.

Hilton Smythe business advisers are managing the sale of the Glasgow pet store, and a spokesperson for the

Thomas Hays Pet Shop will swap owners for the first time in 60 years

The company said: “We believe there is tremendous opportunity to grow revenue and take the business to the next level by undertaking a robust marketing campaign to generate increased sales, as well as revised opening hours.

“The introduction of a dedicated website would increase the online presence and could also be expanded to offer an online store for basic products as well as a possible delivery service.

“The company is building on its reputation for quality and service and has excellent prospects for the future.

“This would potentially be an ideal acquisition for a company of similar or larger size looking to increase its position and presence within the industry.”

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