Homeless cat burglar smashes window at Indian Harbor Beach pet hospital, police say

INDIAN HARBOR BEACH, Florida – A long-haired homeless man nicknamed “Sand Flea Jesus” stuffed a feline named Flounder into a bag and took him from Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital last month, according to employees.

Then the suspected burglar returned Tuesday night – barefoot and wearing multi-colored yoga pants – and unsuccessfully attempted to enter the cat adoption room, according to a security video.

“He releases everything. That’s his thing. He goes down to the beach, he tries to throw the buckets of people’s bait to put the fish back in the ocean,” said Nina Schrage, head of the Aloha office. Pet & Bird Hospital. 6 partner Florida today.

“Cut people’s fishing lines when they’re fishing. That’s what I heard: trying to unhook the dogs on the dog beach (Canova) from their leashes, so they can be released. thing is to free the animals – they shouldn’t be in chains, cages or whatever. But it doesn’t pull all the pistons, “Schrage said.

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On Tuesday, after workers told Sand Flea Jesus to leave, he came out and smashed a hurricane-resistant window, possibly with a hammer.

“I never thought he would do that, however. I never thought he would do that,” Schrage said Wednesday afternoon, pointing to the broken window as he stood among the climbers. of cats, ramps and ledges inside the cat adoption room.

“I would never see him as a violent person. He has a very soft voice,” she said.

The suspect fled on foot west after the 7:40 pm incident at the waterfront pet store on Eau Gallie Boulevard. Police searched the area, with negative results.

In a draft report, a Melbourne police officer described the suspect as a “dirty / sloppy” thin man with a beard and long blonde hair wearing multi-colored yoga pants who said “all animals should be free and not trapped “.

Melbourne police have assessed the damage to the windows at $ 1,200 and the investigation is continuing.

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The Flounder’s Cat Nap on November 4 generated hundreds of social media comments from Space Coast animal lovers, sparked fliers posted on Indian Harbor Beach, and received a $ 300 reward for his return of Wrap-N-Pack Plus.

Schrage said Sand Flea Jesus somehow entered the cat adoption room that day by typing in the security code and putting Flounder, a 4-year-old gray tabby, in a shoulder bag, according to a Melbourne police report.

“He came out and I tried to block him, and he just passed me with the cat in the bag – pushing the cat inside as he ran,” Schrage recalled Wednesday.

The suspect stepped through a fence behind the pet hospital and disappeared from view. Flounder was then located on Bay Drive in Indian Harbor Beach, and he was adopted by a new family days before Christmas.

Employees changed the security code on the door to the cat’s room after Sand Flea Jesus snatched the flounder, said director Pauline Saraka. The room remained closed to the public on Wednesday, and its feline occupants were placed in kennels and moved elsewhere inside the animal hospital.

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The suspect was carrying a shoulder bag when he entered Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital on Tuesday, video footage reveals.

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