How Austin’s New Cat Cafe Wants to Change What Pet Adoption Looks Like


Watch your step as you enter the brand new cafe, Purr-fecto Cat Lounge, on South Lamar. Made up of a dozen friendly cats, there is always someone underfoot, lying on a blurry surface or climbing the obstacle course on the walls. They wander around the pillow-lined room with plenty of cat toys and sleep stations, picking out their favorite human visitors to demand attention and claws from.

Because cats aren’t exactly hard workers, drinks at Purr-fecto Cat Lounge are made and delivered by Irie Bean, the cafe next door. While sipping on a cat-themed beverage (the hot “Choco-cat” or “Cat’s Pajama” latte), visitors can get to know the adoptable residents on loan from the Sunshine Cat Fund Rescue and the Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue.

Owner Lupita Foster wants people to spend more time getting to know cats before adopting them. She saw the effects with her own eyes when her fiancé fell in love with their shelter cat, Romeo, while the couple were volunteering. Romeo had been called “the problem kid” and banned from meeting people because he was too territorial. But as the couple spent time with him, they found his sassy attitude more charming than they might have guessed, eventually taking him as their own.

“Here you will be able to see – a bit like a speed dating – who you vibrate [with], and who you have a crush on,” Foster says. “Maybe you have a crush on her, but she doesn’t vibe with you.”

The atmosphere must have been immaculate during opening week; five cats have already been claimed on Friday, July 22, returning home with their favorites as soon as the claim is approved or boarding the salon until everything is ready to go home. One such cat, a black and white fondant kitten named Zobby, clicked with a visitor right away and was spending some extra time with his sibling until he left. Zobby is a charmer, and even though other people have asked to adopt him, Foster respects the bond between the original couple.

While obviously the goal is a perfect, cute encounter, hanging out in real life also ensures that the cats don’t come home to the wrong people. A visitor came especially to see Ice Man, an ever-moving five-toed black kitten, but realized that she (Oops! Not all ice men are men!) was too finicky to live in. an apartment with his dog. Even though Ice Man hasn’t been adopted, she receives love and attention from other visitors until her finest hour comes. And the hopeful adopter will keep stopping until they meet a perfect match.

“The idea of ​​this cafe was for them to find a home. But also, if not, to get a lot of love,” says Foster. “You’re going to have a lot of people wanting to cuddle up to them. She appreciates your caressing her, and it will make her happy.

Visitors book by time slot, without notice, and since the salon leaves adoption paperwork with relief organizations, it operates with an affordable booking fee. Spending time with cat friends supports the business just as much as bringing them home. To further encourage this sense of community space, Purr-fecto will soon be offering yoga (August 13 in partnership with Oak + Lotus Yoga), painting, and speed dating for cat lovers who want to make sure their date you will appreciate their fuzzy housemates. at home. The space should also be open to children under 3, as soon as Foster can make sure everyone handles the cats safely.

“New York has many [cat cafes]. Dallas has a lot, San Antonio has a lot, and we didn’t have any,” Foster said. “It will be the perfect space for all those kitties to have opportunities like Romeo had. We gave it to him because we were there all the time.

Purr-fecto Cat Lounge is located at 2300 S. Lamar Blvd., Unit 104. Memberships and appointments (starting at $15) with or without intent to adopt are available at

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