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Sometimes, very technical terms or complicated procedures can discourage people from applying for a loan. In Richie Korde we want to help you with these unforeseen events, which is why we explain in a very simple way what you should do to get the loan you need.

Not yet our customer? Follow these instructions and get your first loan with 0% interest:

Get a computer with a good connection

internet loan

To apply for a fast personal loan you only need a computer (or a mobile device if you download our app) with a good internet connection. It is important that you consider the quality of the connection to avoid losing your data when loading it into our system. Before you start filling out the application, check that a locked padlock is in the navigation bar. This ensures that your information will be safe.


Choose the amount and term before applying for a quick loan

Choose the amount and term before applying for a quick loan

In Richie Korde we want to promote the responsible management of personal finances, that is why we invite our clients to carefully analyze their ability to pay before making an online loan application. We offer personal loans from $ 1000 to $ 6000 with terms ranging from 7 to 30 days.

Still not sure about requesting a loan online? Answer these 5 questions and find out if you should do it or not.


Complete your personal loan application online

Complete your personal loan application online

The procedure to request a quick loan with Richie Korde is really very simple. Fill out the application with your personal and work information, as well as some information that will allow us to check your credit history. All the information you provide us at this stage is essential since, on the one hand, it gives us the opportunity to pre-approve the loan before you continue with the application, and on the other, it allows us to make the loan deposit in a short time ( for this reason, we need you to type your CLABE carefully).


Upload the image of your identification

credit loan

To handle all the information in the safest way we need you to include the image of your IFE or INE in your application. We only need to verify your identity if your request is pre-approved. Do not worry, we will notify you if you have to include this information.


Stay tuned for your phone and email


Being an online loan application all communication will be carried through the cell phone and email you give us. Any notification or notice about your loan will be made through the contact information you leave in your application.

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