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THOMASVILLE – The Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society wraps up a successful month of pet adoption with its first Dog Days of Summer music festival.

The event begins at 9 a.m. Saturday at Hubs and Hops and will feature live music from Tallahassee band Garnet and Soul, local band The Leftovers and Trey Trebony throughout the day.

Pet-related activities such as pet yoga and a pet picnic will take place, along with other fun activities for children and adults.

Chandler Giddes, executive director of the Humane Society, said the event comes after learning that 136 adoptions were made in the month of July alone.

This is a huge improvement from last July when pet adoptions totaled just 56.

“It’s a record month. We’ve never had 136 adoptions as an organization and that’s great and wonderful, ”he said.

In early July, the Humane Society had around 200 animals in its care, but since offering free pet adoptions throughout July, Giddes said there had been a surprising turnover in pet adoptions.

“It has been extremely fruitful for us,” he said. “We had an increase in supplies for spring and summer. The summer months are more difficult than the others when it comes to supplies as there are more opportunities for stray animals to enter, and we have just finished the kitten season. We fill up very quickly. We’re trying to combat that here at the Humane Society by offering no-cost options throughout July. “

Due to the one-month free adoption, Giddes has seen a slight decrease in the number of animals on the property with currently 169 animals being cared for.

As the number of animals on site has declined, Giddes said they are still close to their limit, which is around 180 to 230.

“Two hundred and thirty is about as full as we want it to be, but that means we really don’t maintain a level of quality of care because we don’t have the staff and resources to be able to take care of it.” adequately from so many animals, “he said.” We’re hovering at 170 and we still have a few more days this week, so more animals are likely to come. We’re just working to try to provide resources for people who find animals to keep them out of the shelter.

Giddes hopes the free music festival on Saturday serves as a way to raise awareness for the Humane Society to help continue the increase in pet adoptions.

“It’s really a fundraiser just to raise awareness and support our organization so that we can keep doing what we’re doing,” he said. “We hope it will be a successful event for everyone.”

Even though free pet adoptions will end on Saturday, Giddes said the Humane Society may be offering more low-cost pet adoptions in the future.

“We did a few free adoptions earlier in the year. Whenever we can offset the cost with grants or donations, we will, ”he said. “About 60% of our budget is made up of grants and sponsors. We rely on community support and donor support.

Sponsorships and donations are just a few of the many ways the community can support The Humane Society. Giddes said learning more about the organization would also help.

“I always invite people to come here at the shelter to see what services and resources we provide both to owners or to someone who finds an animal,” he said. “There is a lot that we have to offer that a lot of people don’t really expect in a shelter, especially in rural southwest Georgia. We are lucky to have this place here in our community.

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