Let’s Get Fur-Real: 5 Reasons Adoption Continues To Outperform Pet Shop Purchases

When it comes time to add a furry family member to our home, we have plenty of options, but the most popular are usually pet stores and animal shelters. However, the long-standing battle between these two seems to be tilting more and more in favor of animal shelters. All of the perks that draw people to pet stores have in most cases been adopted (pun intended) by animal shelters now, too.
Chris Gallegos, public relations manager for the Dumb Friends League in Denver, explained why shelters are always the best option:

1. Convenience:
Shelters make it easier for your new boyfriend to transition to his new home. While a pet store would have racks and leashes available for purchase, which are also very handy, the Dumb Friends League takes a different approach. “You get a temporary leash or a baby carrier [and] temporary collimationar and identification tag, ”he said. People would still need to get hold of more permanent versions of these products, but the pressure to buy them immediately on the spot (at the same pet store where you buy your pet, for example) offers the possibility of searching for the perfect products for them. pets. .

2. Value:
The adoption package to the Dumb Friends League exceeds $ 500, according to Gallegos. “The costs include sterilization or sterilization, implantation of a microchip, initial vaccinations and a medical examination of general good health,” he explained.

3. Education and support:
Health support for 15 days after adoption, behavioral counseling from qualified counselors, and a free visit to the office of a participating member of the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society are also included in the adoption package. Dumb Friends League, a158679886according to Gallegos. “Another thing to remember when adopting is to choose an animal that best fits your lifestyle. This is something we do with every adoption board. We make sure that the animal you bring home is the best one for you and your pet, ”he added.

4. Transfer points:
“Adopting rather than buying a pet means you’ll give a four-legged friend a second chance who needs YOU… and make room in our shelters for another homeless animal,” said Gallegos .

[People] must know that animals are part of their family and should be treated like family.— Barbara Galaviz-Duarte.

Still not convinced why more and more people are opting for adoptionng a pet rather than buying one in a store?

5. Variety:
Jill Brown, community partnerships manager for the Denver Animal Shelter, shared another reason shelters are in stone. “A lot of people think they have to go to a breeder to get a specific breed or ‘purebred’ – that’s just not the case because we get a HUGE variety of animals in our s.158877203refuge, ”she explained.
In addition to housing dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, the Denver Animal Shelter also offers many other animals for adoption: rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, turtles, frogs and mice, according to Barbara Galaviz. Duarte, adoption 153159053Denver Animal Shelter Coordinator. There is a reason why their range of breeds and animal types is so vast. [are] an open admission shelter, which means when the private facilities are full they might refuse to take animals, we can’t. If we’re full we have to make room for all the new ones coming through our doors, and not only are we a refuge, but we are also animal control for the city and county of Denver, ”said Galaviz-Duarte.

Last year, we adopted 10,948 cats and kittens, 11,176 dogs and puppies, and 1,215 small pets. Because we’ve just started adopting horses, we don’t have an official number yet. — Chris Gallegos.

Both Gallegos and Galaviz-Duarte have said summer is one of the busiest times in terms of the number of pets they adopt. “The summer months are always busier, but that’s because we have more animals in the summer,” said Galaviz-Duarte. Gallegos agreed: “Adoptions tend to increase during the spring and summer months, mainly because that’s when the Dumb Friends League sees an influx of pets (cats / kittens). to arrive.”
So if you are considering adding a pet to your family, now is the time to do so – and adopting one always seems like the best way to go, too.

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