Liveline listeners react to Pope Francis’ comments on pet adoption

“Today…we see a form of selfishness,” he told the audience. “You see that some people don’t want to have children. Sometimes they have one, and that’s it, but they have dogs and cats that replace the children. It can make people laugh, but it is a reality.

Gina called Liveline to discuss Pope’s comments to Katie Hannon, who replaced Joe Duffy, and said “he’s throwing a spade among the pigeons”.

“This is from a man who chose not to have children or pets. Whose name comes from the patron saint of animals. There are so many people who are unable to support children emotionally or financially.

Calls poured in on the RTE Radio One show as host Katie Hannon listened to stories from pet owners. Photo: RTEH

“A child is a wonderful thing to have in anyone’s life, I didn’t go that route, I went the other route, the one the pope didn’t like,” she said.

She added some of the reasons why having pets is a great decision for any couple: “I think pets give unconditional love, they don’t care if you haven’t washed their hair during the week, they don’t care if you your garden towels or if you smell a little.

‘Where the children are tough. I saw my own brother’s children and it’s hard to raise a child. It’s getting harder and harder financially and in every other way for people.

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