Local Geico Office Partners with Animal Adoption Agency to Host Adoption Event

By Hannah Caver, Editor

TRUSSVILLE – Local Geico owner Greg Armstrong is connecting with Rebecca’s Paws and Claws, Inc. Remlap (RPACI) to host an event at the Ferus Entertainment District on Saturday, October 9 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., allowing a variety of pets the opportunity to a new home.

Adopt Mikie from RPACI (Photo courtesy of RPACI’s Facebook page)

Geico will be present with the giant gecko to organize giveaways, as well as games such as the giant Jenga and the giant connect four. In addition, spectators of the event will have the opportunity to spin a wheel for a prize and also participate in a raffle which will also take place. It’s $5 per ticket, and all the money raised during the raffle will be donated to the RPACI.

Local restaurants and stores graciously donated to the cause by donating gift certificates to be raffled off. Plus, a GoFundMe account has been set up for donations, so even if you’re not attending the event, you can still help the cause.

“The idea is a fundraiser to help raise money for their foundation,” Armstrong said. “At the same time, we really hope that many of these dogs and cats will find homes and be able to return home to happy homes at the end of the event.”

It wouldn’t be an animal adoption event without the four-legged friends. The RPACI plans to bring several pets that can be adopted on site. A small adoption fee is required to cover the cost of all the vaccinations and sterilization, that they do all of that right off the bat.

“We know that there will be many candidates for adoption; we don’t know exactly which ones or anything,” said Diane Horn of RPACI. “I just know that there will be big, small between young and old, the nine meters.”

Armstrong had a lifelong love for animals. So three years ago when Armstrong moved from Virginia to Trussville, he knew he wanted to help as many animals as possible. He had partnered with several pet agencies in Virginia, hoping to do the same here.

He immediately began looking for a pet adoption agency, and he correctly remembered that PetSmart in Trussville occasionally held adoption events. This is where Armstrong was taken to the RPACI.

“To me, it’s completely selfless on my part; as a pet lover, I’ve always adopted dogs and cats,” Armstrong said. “I’m one of those people who gets into pet adoption agencies or the Humane Society, and I always want to bring one home. So it’s really only fair that we want to find a home for these pets; at the same time, we just want to raise funds for them.

RPACI began 13 years ago as the personal mission of two women with a heart for abandoned and unwanted animals.

Adopt the RPACI pebbles (Photo courtesy of the RPACI Facebook page)

Rebecca Yancey and Sharon Boone spent much of their time visiting local killing shelters, rescuing dozens of dogs and cats that had been marked red. They couldn’t stand the thought of one of them being put down and were sure there were families who needed and wanted to love these animals as much as they needed to be saved.

As the number grew and the rescue missions became more frequent, it didn’t take long to realize that it had become something much bigger. In 2011, Rebecca’s Paws and Claws incorporated into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. They felt called to become official advocates for the helpless. So many animals were abandoned in killing sheds or dumped on the side of the road. They felt like a rescue; it was also a responsibility to reunite lost animals with their families and to have reunited several animals with their rightful owners. The RPACI operates solely through donations, and all donations are tax deductible. They receive no funds from county, state, or federal organizations.

RPACI explained how many pets were adopted during the pandemic when people were constantly at home. However, now that more people can go back to work, animals are being taken back to adoption agencies because they can no longer care for them.

Armstrong said fundraising for RPACI was critical as COVID-19 was affecting businesses financially, so hosting this event to allow them to continue providing their animals with all the necessities is all he could ask of the public. .

RPACI is more than enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity presented by Geico and Ferus.

“We have high hopes, we think it will be helpful; we’ve never done anything for this caliber before, but we’re very happy that we were asked to do it,” Boone said. “We just have high hopes. I mean, we hope there will be a fantastic result.

If anyone wants to volunteer for this event or volunteer at RPACI, text Sharon Boone at 205-261-1160 or call Diana Horn at 205-407-3368.

RPACI also maintains the cat habitat at PetSmart in Trussville almost every Saturday for adoption events.

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