New Pet Adoption Center Opens at Wilton Mall

WILTON, NY (NEWS10) – There’s a new place to shop at Wilton Mall.

HOPE Pet Adoption and Education Center is unlike any pet store you have ever seen. He epitomizes the phrase “adopt, don’t buy”. Its opening completes the loop of Wendy Mongillo’s journey.

“The funny thing is that about 30 years ago I worked here,” she said.

It used to be a dollar store, it was a pet store.

“But it’s ironic that I ended up here,” she said.

The adoption center will look nothing like where she worked all those years ago.

“I think a lot more people understand the importance of adopting pets than buying them,” Mongillo said. “He was the dog that inspired me to start HOPE. His name was Lucky.”

Mongillo founded the rescue group in 2002, working with shelters to adopt and foster cats and dogs. Now she has prime real estate in the Wilton Mall to continue finding pets in their forever home.

There will eventually be up to 20 cats there. The dogs will live with foster families, but will come on weekends to catch the attention of mall shoppers. Much more than an adoption agency, Mongillo says there will be a focus on education with trending speakers, programs and events.

“There will be cat yoga, which we are really excited about. Cat café days where cats can hang out and people can have a cup of coffee and cookies,” she said.

The center will operate through donations. There is an adoption fee for animals under 6 years old – $100 for cats and $225 for dogs. Unlike any other transaction you do at the mall, the mall insists on pet counseling to ensure it is right for your family and the pet.

The soft opening is at 11 a.m. on Sunday, January 26 and is open to the public. It will then be open seven days a week.

Click here to learn more or make a donation.

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