“Oh sit down!” upcoming pet adoption event in Illinois, including several pet shelters.

CARBONDALE, Illinois (KFVS) – The Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with SIT Service Dogs, will host a family pet adoption event at Lenus Turley Park in Carbondale, Illinois so you can meet your best friend on all fours.

“Oh Sit Down! Let’s Rescue” will take place on October 22, from 4-9 p.m. The event marks 13 years since the launch of SIT Service Dogs.

According to a press release from SIT Service Dogs, this event aims to alleviate some of the stress that shelters and rescues have been under due to a greater number of unadopted pets.

“As communities have resumed pre-COVID activities, many rescues have been overwhelmed by the number of animals in need. We consider this a community issue and want to help,” the statement read. “Therefore, we have decided to dedicate our anniversary party this year to helping shelter dogs find homes.”

“Oh Sit Down! Let’s Rescue” will feature live music from Jessica Evans and King Juba, food trucks, vendors and family-friendly activities such as balloons, bouncy houses, a light race at inflatable bungee and more.The goal of the event is to provide free family fun while giving several local rescues the opportunity to showcase some of their most adoptable dogs looking for homes. SIT Trainers will be on hand to chat with potential adopters.

Rescue shelters participating in this year’s event include the Humane Society of Southern Illinois, St. Francis CARE, Perry County Humane Society and Perry County Animal Control.

There is no admission fee, but there is a $20 suggested fee by vendors.

Refuges/shelters will participate free of charge. Any remaining funds will be split evenly and distributed to SIT and participating rescues.

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