Bamboozled: Pet adoption agency shut down over sick puppy’s vet bills dispute

Eleventh Hour Rescue, a pet adoption and rescue agency in Rockaway Townsquare shopping center, was temporarily closed late last week amid an investigation into Bamboozled, according to the health worker. of the canton. The closure came after a complaint from Michele Nardino, a woman who adopted a puppy there in November. The puppy, Harley, fell […]

Sandy Springs to ban the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores

Sandy Springs pet stores would not be allowed to sell dogs and cats from breeding facilities, and would only be allowed to accept pet adoptions from rescue organizations, under a new municipal law in preparation. No pet stores in the city currently sell such animals anyway, officials said at a Nov. 7 city council meeting. […]

WeHo @ Work: at Laurel Pet Hospital, it’s all in the family

Almost daily volunteer Dr Todd Calsyn (right) and Peggy hug two beloved friends at Laurel Pet Hospital. “We want to be good with WeHo,” Calsyn said. “No one here is about the money.” (Photo by Michael Jortner) I asked Todd Andrew Calsyn, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Laurel Pet Hospital, “What’s the most unusual animal […]

‘Puppy Mill’ Protests Target Park Pet Shop Saturday – Mt. Greenwood – Chicago

Jim Sparks Jr., co-owner of Park Pet Shop in Mount Greenwood, said his business is in full compliance with a Chicago ordinance that says only pets from “shelters and other humane adoption centers.” such as rescue operations, can be sold within city limits. See the full legend DNA Info / Howard A. Ludwig MOUNT GREENWOOD […]

Hyderabad’s oldest pet hospital still in the ‘ancient’ era

Hyderabad: The government veterinary hospital, which is the oldest in the city, is awaiting modernization. According to historians, the hospital was opened during Nizam’s reign along with Osmania General Hospital, Nizamia (Tibbi) Government General Hospital, and Government Homeopathy Hospital. Mr. MA Qayyum, a historian, said: “The hospital was established with the intention of meeting the […]

Mars Inc. to buy chain of pet hospitals for $ 7.7 billion

Global pet food and candy maker Mars Inc. is doubling its growing pet care business with the acquisition of the animal hospital chain VCA Inc. The deal, valued at around $ 7.7 billion, not including debt, represents a major investment by Mars in the burgeoning pet care industry and will bring together 800 veterinary hospitals […]

Banfield Pet Hospital unveils the smartest, most popular pet names inspired by Star Wars

PORTLAND, Ore., December 4, 2015 / PRNewswire / – Marking the fourth (strength) of the month, Banfield Pet Hospital unveils the best animal names inspired by George Lucas’ emblematic universe of “Star Wars”. As the world’s largest veterinary practice, Banfield and its in-house research team, Banfield Applied Research & Knowledge (BARK), drew on its extensive […]

Banfield Pet Hospital Slowly Passes Franchises to Company-Owned Clinics

banfield2.JPG Many Banfield clinics are located in PetSmart stores, but some, like this one in Northwest Portland, are in freestanding buildings. (Mike Francis / The Oregonian) Banfield Animal Hospital, the private Portland-based pet health clinic chain, said it had not embarked on a deliberate strategy of converting its franchises into company-owned outlets. Nonetheless, an idle […]

Let’s Get Fur-Real: 5 Reasons Adoption Continues To Outperform Pet Shop Purchases

When it comes time to add a furry family member to our home, we have plenty of options, but the most popular are usually pet stores and animal shelters. However, the long-standing battle between these two seems to be tilting more and more in favor of animal shelters. All of the perks that draw people […]

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