Pet adoption center offers tips for keeping pets safe during fireworks

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Although many of us enjoy the sound of fireworks on Sunday, it can be a stressful time for many pets.

The Franklin County Dog and Adoption Center wants to make sure residents follow a few tips to ensure these animals stay safe.

To start, it is recommended to look for signs of stress in pets, such as whining, pancakes on the floor, or attempts to leave the room or fenced area.

The center said they don’t want to see these dogs run away and that’s why they’re asking pet owners to keep their pets indoors, put them in a closed room and turn on the lights. television or give them a snack to distract them.

“I heard fireworks happening near my house,” said center communications specialist Andrew Kohn. “We have a few dogs here in the back. Hopefully people will put dogs in the house and make sure all doors and gates are secure.

If your dog runs away, the shelter advises owners that they can check the center’s website, but please note that the center is closed on Mondays.

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