Pet adoption fees reduced at Wake shelter thanks to $ 5,000 donation ::

– For the second time in a week, generosity will save the lives of homeless animals in shelters across North Carolina.

According to the Wake County Animal Center, a $ 5,000 giveaway from Raleigh law firm Whitley will result in reduced adoption fees at the shelter for the entire month of December. During the following month, the adoption fee for dogs is lowered to $ 25 and the adoption fee for cats is lowered to $ 10.

That’s a discount of $ 70 for dogs and $ 35 for cats.

“This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time, as we had an unexpected wave of animals this fall, and we’re running out of space at the shelter,” said Dr Jennifer Federico, director of Wake. County Animal Center.

The Raleigh Refuge is not alone in receiving a generous portion of holiday goodness.

Earlier this week, a donation from an anonymous donor to the Vance County Animal Shelter pledged to cover all adoption costs for dogs and cats until December 23.

Staff hope the gifts will help them clean up the shelters before Christmas.

According to the Wake County Animal Center, the Raleigh shelter on Beacon Lake Drive has not been forced to euthanize animals for space in more than three years thanks to the help of foster families and rescue groups . Other shelters in North Carolina, especially those in rural areas, cannot say the same.

Overcrowding and euthanasia are common at many shelters in North Carolina, according to Elaine Smith, director of animal services for Cumberland County. Earlier this month, the Fayetteville shelter said it would be required to euthanize the animals if more were returned.

North Carolina shelter kills 99% of animals, records show

Shelter staff constantly reach out to rescue groups and foster families for help, but overcrowding is a problem even with these efforts, Smith said, adding that his home and those of his colleagues are often full. of “last chance” animals.

According to reports from the Public Animal Shelter, the Robeson County Animal Shelter reported 4,493 animals euthanized in 2018, by far the highest number in the state. Johnston County comes a long way behind with 2,703.

You can help local animal shelters by adopting a pet, volunteering, or donating money or supplies.

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