Pet adoption is growing in Alicante

Pet adoption is growing in Alicante Credit: Pixabay

Pet adoption is growing in Alicante, but unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic has also resulted in more animals being abandoned.

The number of pets adopted in Alicante in 2021 reached 206 animals in July. Unfortunately, a total of 339 animals were abandoned and had to be taken care of by the Department of Animal Welfare.

In the first seven months of the year, 176 dogs and 31 cats were adopted by the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas. The service is responsible for recovering animals in the city of Alicante that have been abandoned. This means that the number of animals adopted compared to the same period last year has increased. Last year, from January to July, a total of 203 animals were adopted.

Animal health and protection advisor Julia Llopis encouraged Alicante residents to be responsible with their pets. She said: “When we decide to share our lives with a pet, we are making a commitment not only to the animal itself but to society, this is responsible ownership, guaranteeing the rights of the animal. and fulfilling the duties we have as part of this society ”,

“One of the goals of this council is to raise awareness of the public to fight against abandonment and to encourage responsible animal adoptions, so we also want to thank all the people of Alicante who have taken the plunge. adoption “.

Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the abandonment of more animals. According to the town hall, there has been “an increase in the number of animals abandoned, picked up in the street or removed from various rooms and spaces due to their poor condition or unsanitary conditions. These uncivilized attitudes can lead to a financial penalty ranging from 6,010.13 euros to 18,030.16 euros, and can also lead to a criminal offense if the animal’s life is in danger, if it presents serious injuries or s ‘it causes death.

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