Pet owners in Kozhikode accused of failing to feed animals during lockdown

Some of the district’s pet wholesalers are being accused of not feeding the animals and birds in their care in the name of lockdown regulations.

Rescuers on the ground revealed two such incidents in which animals were found starving or dead. In one of the latest incidents reported in Nadapuram, several ornamental birds, fish and rabbits were found dead in a pet store.

Some local traders in Nadapuram said the pet store near Parakkadavu had not been opened after the triple lockdown was declared within the panchayat boundaries a few days ago. They discovered the plight of the animals after inspecting the smelly shop. Police sources said the store operator would be booked for laxity.

The first incident, which took place at a store near Link Road, was revealed by a group of animal rescue activists almost two months ago. Those who participated in the rescue operation said the condition of the animals, including the dogs bred for breeding, was dire. With rapid response and drug support, the lives of some of the starving animals could be saved.

Rescue volunteers on the ground said the lack of surprise inspections by the livestock department or local self-government teams at wholesale pet stores made the situation worse and gave these people carte blanche. traders who only cared about the profit margin of the business. . There should be tougher penalties for those who are part of such animal cruelty, they said. “Animal cruelty was also noticed from some of the local dog handlers who abandoned their senior dogs and cats along the road during the lockdown period. Some of these animals only survived thanks to the mercy of volunteer rescue teams, ”said a female animal rescuer from Vengeri. She also stressed that it was time to put in place quality rescue shelters for these abandoned animals.

Meanwhile, some of the officers at the town’s House station said animal cruelty would lead to severe penalties under Section 428 and other sections of the Animal Cruelty Prevention Act . Those who come across such incidents should notify control rooms or contact nearby police stations, they said.

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