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Marguerite Wimmer

Work at home. The world has been doing it for almost a year. As we seek the safety of our homes, those of us who have pets spend much more time with them.

This produced a lot of funny social media videos and memes. I hear about times of friends, family and co-workers, of a pet lovingly snuggled up against them on a long day at work.

Obviously mine never got the memo.

The fact that my husband and I work more from home didn’t seem to bother my cats. They sleep all day, in another room, coming to visit them when they are hungry or need a quick pet in five seconds.

Not surprisingly, Apple is the most social. She’ll wander the room, meowing at me to feed her or stroke me until I pick her up and put her on my lap.

At first I thought his paw was cute. She wanted to be near me. Until I really have to type seriously, not just a few clicks here and there. Have you ever tried to slap a cat on your lap? Not fun, and she doesn’t like it either.

After a while, she gets angry and jumps. An hour later, she will come back and we will start the dance again.

I brought her cat bed to the room I work in, hoping it might appeal to her. But the sofa is much more attractive, or maybe my typing is too strong.

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