Pet store owners are not licensed to sell pets, only their food

Hyderabad: None of the city’s 70 pet stores are officially registered. The traders, without registering their business, obtained business licenses allegedly with the help of some corrupt officials of the GHMC.

Sources said pet store owners obtained business licenses to sell animal feed, but sold animals without registering with the animal husbandry department.

Company officials said they are now closely monitoring the pet trade and are ready to foreclose on stores if owners fail to obtain valid business registration and licenses.

In accordance with the 2018 Animal Cruelty Prevention (Pet Shop) Rules, no person should sell or trade pets, whether retail or wholesale, or open a pet shop, or any other establishment engaged in the sale, purchase or exchange of pets without obtaining a registration certificate from the State Animal Welfare Board (AWB).

Anyone intending to open a pet store should approach AWB for registration, after which a veterinarian will inspect the store. If the conditions are met, a registration certificate is issued to the owner. This certificate is required to issue commercial licenses to pet stores.

A senior GHMC official said there were 33 pet stores in the Charminar area, 14 in the Khairatabad area and 23 more in the Kukatpally, Serilingampally and Secunderabad areas.

“Store owners, hand in hand with government officials, have run the business illegally over the years. With three weeks before the registration deadline, the GHMC and the livestock department are closely monitoring the animal trade, ”the official said.

Once the exercise is complete, the company will seize unregistered pet stores. In addition, the coordination will fix the selling price of all pets – dogs, cats, peasants and other species. The official said the animals, if seized, would be transferred to shelters or animal welfare associations would be roped up to provide food for the pets.

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