Pet store visit ends with arrest for theft

A woman who went to a pet store to buy two pet rabbits for her disabled sister and ended up being accused of stealing € 400 from the crate was released on bail this afternoon.

Inspector Roderick Attard accused Graziella Debono, 44, of Qawra with theft and violating court conditions.

Asked about her profession, the accused told the court that she was taking care of her sister. Her lawyer, Mario Mifsud, explained to magistrate Josette Demicoli that the woman went to a pet store in Marsa on January 25 to buy two pet rabbits for her disabled sister.

He pleaded not guilty and asked for bail.

Inspector Attard opposed the bail request, pointing out that the woman is accused of violating the bond and had a long criminal record. She had already approached the two civilian witnesses with the intention of reimbursing them, he said.

Mifsud confirmed that Debono was the subject of other pending criminal proceedings. She admitted to the crime in her police statement, but disagreed with the amount allegedly stolen.

“The girl wanted two rabbits – if she had come to see me I would have given them to her – and she got them for herself,” the lawyer said. There were much more serious cases that had been released on bail and he didn’t see why she shouldn’t be released, he said.

Mifsud also congratulated the police inspector for taking an interest in the well-being of the young disabled girl.

The court, after seeing the evidence, granted a deposit against a personal guarantee of 5,000 €.

Lawyer Mario Mifsud was the defense lawyer.

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