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THE ever popular annual National Pet Adoption Month will again be hosted by PETstock Nowra and Ulladulla in March. An initiative led by PETstock Assist aims to help change the lives of pets in need of permanent or temporary homes, and humans who are eagerly awaiting their perfect partner. Over the past few years, the pet adoption landscape has seen dramatic but positive changes. Now, with thousands of Australians claiming the title of pet parent, the industry faces new challenges, where thousands of cats and kittens remain homeless. Each year, 80,000 urban stray cats are killed by municipalities to manage ownerless animals. According to PetRescue, killing cats has the opposite effect as the remaining cats produce larger, healthier litters due to less competition for food sources. Jessica Curtis, charity and events manager for PETstock Assist, says after seven national adoption initiatives, it’s important to look at current trends in the landscape so we can continue, as a nation, to break the cycle of pet roaming in Australia. “The pet adoption landscape is changing rapidly, and this year we’re seeing more cats available for adoption than other pets, followed closely by large dogs and bonded pairs – animals that went into rescue together and need to be adopted together,” Jessica says. . Read more: Nurses to go on strike Morning TV meteorologist and animal welfare advocate Sam Mac has teamed up with PETstock Assist to help the thousands of homeless pets across the country find a home, with her two rescue cats, Coco and Cleocatre, sitting proudly by her side. “I strongly believe that we don’t choose our adopted animals, they choose us,” Sam said. “My cats aren’t impressed with anything I do. of my moves. But there’s something about their nonchalance that I find so hilarious. “I think deep down they know you gave them a second chance at life, and they give it to you. will give forever. PETstock Assist encourages people to refocus their thinking on how they can make more sustainable choices, eliminate unfair pet adoption biases, and solve the current crisis by considering a pet that “Expands Your Pet.” family to include an adopted cat, large dog or bonded couple will not only enrich your life, but also the life of the adopted animal by providing a safe and loving environment in which to thrive,” Jessica said. . “If you are unable to adopt, there are several ways you can help solve the problem of pet homelessness in Australia.” By adopting or volunteering with your local rescue group, you’re not only providing a safe place or care for an animal in need, but you’re also creating space for strays to seek out.” Read more: Talented Sisters Take the Stage For more on National Month from PETstock Assist’s pet adoption, visit in March Community members are encouraged to visit select stores on Saturday, March 19 to meet pets available for adoption or placement.


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