Philadelphia Animal Shelters Cut Pet Adoption Costs in July

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Some animal shelters will lower their pet adoption fees in July to more quickly move animals into permanent homes this summer.

The Bissell Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” promotion nationwide is among the pet adoption events this month. Spokeswoman Brittany Schlacter said adoption fees would be reduced to less than $50, and in most cases $5, at 262 shelters in 42 states. Their promotion runs July 11-31 and includes the Pennsylvania SPCA Philadelphia location beginning July 22.

“This is our longest-ever national ‘Empty Shelter’ summer event,” said Schlacter.

She said inflation has affected the cost of everything from gas to rent and food, and that has impacted adoption rates.

“Across the country, shelters are overcrowded. Adoptions are slowed down,” Schlacter said. “We are finding that pets are staying longer in the shelter.”

Also on Saturday, the PSPCA is hosting its “really big adoption event.” Philadelphia rescue official Maddie Bernstein said the pet adoption fee would be reduced to $5.

“One of the most important things about an event like this is bringing attention to the shelter and the need to move animals out of the shelter,” Bernstein said.

She added that the goal of the event is to ease the burden on qualified, willing pet owners so they can save money for other needs, like essential pet supplies or veterinary care.

“It’s kind of recognizing that pet owners don’t need to be swimming in money to be able to take good care of their pets,” Bernstein said.

She explained that pet adoptions peaked at the start of the pandemic, but have slowed significantly over the past two years.

“The cost of living is high, inflation is high and medical care is difficult. People face everyday problems and pets are the last thing on their minds,” she explained.

“By alleviating that first ‘down payment’ of a large sum of money, it helps pet owners get off to a good start.”

If you’re looking for a pet, Bernstein recommends contacting your local shelter to check the pet application process and whether they participate in one of these programs.

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