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– Attention to a month-long search for a stolen foster pup in Holly Springs may help raise awareness of animal “overpopulation” and efforts to promote pet adoption.

At a fundraising event at a restaurant in Holly Springs on December 12, a CCTV camera recorded Kennsie Higgins, 20, picking up and hanging out with Miss Percy.

Last week, police arrested Higgins. Shortly after, 19-year-old Brandon Almond surrendered for his role in Dog Nap.

Debbie Sandlin with Pawfect Match Rescue and Adoption picked up Miss Percy, a blue pitbull puppy, from the Holly Springs Police Department on Thursday. “It’s the best day of my life,” she said. “She wasn’t hurt and she didn’t come back worse for the wear and tear.”

Stolen Pit Bull Puppy Reunites With Rescue Organization

Sandlin said a disturbing aspect of puppy napping is the fact that many people want pit bulls for breeding or even for illegal purposes. The dogs her nonprofit rescues are taken to foster homes and carefully trained and groomed for possible adoption.

“In our rescue, we require people to have some knowledge of the breed, and we’re careful with placement,” Sandlin said.

She says Pit Bull Terriers are euthanized more often than most other breeds. “We want to make sure that the public will have a positive impression of these dogs because they are wonderful dogs,” Sandlin said.

She says Pawfect Match is willing to wait for the right long-term situation for every dog. “We love these dogs, so we have dogs for as long as it takes to find them a good home,” she said.

Sandlin hopes the publicity of Miss Percy’s flight and return will bring more attention and support to the painstaking Pawfect Match process.

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