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Seniors will team up with local shelters to help find “forever” homes for shelter animals at an adoption event in Branson.

Morningside of Branson Meadows will be hosting a Pet Adoption Day with animals from the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society and Taney County Animal Control.

The pet adoption party will take place on April 9. It will be open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Morningside facility in Branson Meadows. A rain date has also been set for the event.

“We have a rainy date because this time of year you never know,” said Morningside of Branson Meadows Community Liaison Darlene Sykes. “In case of bad weather, we will hold the event on April 30 at the same times. That would be the next time both shelters were available to be here.

Taney County Animal Control and SOHHS are going to have a variety of animals at the event that people can see and hopefully take home, according to Sykes.

“The public will have the option of adopting a cat or a dog during the event,” said Sykes. “If someone comes with the intention of adopting a pet, they will need to have valid photo ID and complete adoption papers with Taney County Animal Control or SOHHS.

The establishment wanted to offer their property as the venue for the event to be able to give their residents a chance to give back to the community, while also being able to find homes for these needy animals, said Sykes.

“Where we plan to install it is perfect,” said Sykes. “We have a fairly large covered terrace where our resident volunteers will be installed, so that they can mingle, while being comfortably out of the sun. The animals will be right next to this patio.

“They will of course be fenced, but will be close enough that our residents can help them and interact with them. It will be laid out in such a way that our residents and staff can help with the pets and can mingle with those who will be here looking for a new furry family member. “

According to Sykes, Morningside is a pet-friendly facility and many senior residents who live there have their own cats or dogs.

“We are so excited,” said Sykes. “The hope is that we can find homes for more of these animals. We are a pet friendly community here at Morningside, many of our residents have their own pets. This is one of the reasons this event is so perfect.

“The residence wanted to do something, you know it’s spring and we’re opening and lifting some of the COVID restrictions. And this is an event that our residence could be involved in, our staff may be involved. We love pets here and we love that we can provide shelters with a place to hopefully find homes for these pets. “

Sykes says it’s also possible for some dogs and cats to find their homes with residents of Morningside.

“What I’ve been told is that shelters can have older pets that

be available for adoption who will be here and sometimes these animals have a harder time being adopted by families, ”said Sykes. “Since we accept pets, some of our residents may also be ready to adopt. We can find matches between some of our residents and the animals which would be wonderful.

“It would be such a good thing if that could happen. That would be pretty cool.

According to Sykes, residents and staff are all excited to do this for the community and are happy to be able to get involved in the community. after a year of COVID restrictions.

“Our residents have been locked up for over a year due to COVID, and it was just a good thing we found. We wanted to do something good for our community, but also to have something our residents can get involved in, ”said Sykes. “They will be involved in a big way and they are very excited to be there and to help.”

For more information on Taney County Animal Control Adoption, you can visit, click Departments, then Animal Control.

For more information on how to adopt from the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society, visit

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