Suffolk Pet Shop Wins Dog Snack Showcase Award

16:09 December 8, 2021

4:30 p.m. December 8, 2021

More celebrations are on the agenda for a Suffolk pet store after its dog tea display case won a £ 1,000 cash prize.

The creativity of the Feedbarn team in Halesworth was not lacking to the judges when they entered the Arden Grange competition to mark their 25th anniversary.

Owner Laura Brown said: “All pet shop owners have been asked to set up a display case.

“We wanted something lively, something more exciting, so we went to the doggy style tea party – we had doggy style canapes too. “

River the dog while eating delicious canapes: liver and crispy pieces
– Credit: Feedbarn Suffolk

“My dogs and my friends’ dogs who participated all had a wonderful time.”

The afternoon tea seems to have made a bit of noise in the city.

Mrs. Brown said; “There were people out on the main street looking and taking pictures. We didn’t invite them or anything, they just ran into them.

“It wasn’t so much about winning as it was having a little fun with the community.

“The prize was a £ 1,000 John Lewis voucher. We shared it among a number of clients who helped us organize the event, although a significant amount was intended to help local charities to to ensure that children in need have a good Christmas. “

A doggy tea party held at Feedbarn in Halesworth won top prize in the pet food business window display company

Dogs would sit on chairs and drink from plates
– Credit: Feedbarn Suffolk

However, it looks like the canine tea parties will return to Halesworth soon.

Ms Brown said: “We also have a reservation for tea with a dog. I had no intention of offering them but a man walked in and said it was his dog’s birthday approaching. and wanted to reserve one. “

Laura Brown has been selling pet food in Halesworth for six years.

In June, the company moved from its old Market Place unit to a rebuilt former newsagent, which was set on fire in an arson attack in 2018.

The former DC Patrick Newsagents, said to be over 500 years old, had to be refurbished to meet modern safety standards.

If you would like to book a doggy style snack, contact The Feedbarn Suffolk through the contact details listed on their website or in store.

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