The 7 Best Pet Adoption Agencies of 2021

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There are so many reasons why you should add a new furry member to your family. Pets are good for your health – they help you stay active, relieve stress, and live longer. Plus, they make great companions who will provide you with unconditional love. Pets can help children learn loyalty and trust, compassion and empathy.Whatever your reason for adopting, there are so many great places to find a new best friend.

Adopting a pet from an animal shelter or rescue group is a wonderful way to save a life. There are organizations in every town and town that are working to find homes for stray animals, young animals, and pets that owners simply cannot care for. You can find just about all ages, races, sizes, and personalities if you know where to look and are patient enough. When you adopt, you also open up a space for another furry friend to be saved. And, generally speaking, adoption is generally cheaper and more ethical than getting a pet from a breeder.

If you’re ready to share the couch and have a new boyfriend, here’s where to start.

What Are Pet Adoption Agencies?

A pet adoption agency is an organization that allows people to adopt pets. There are all kinds of ways to adopt a pet. You might find a local humanitarian company or animal shelter that welcomes stray animals or connects with pets that have been abandoned by their owners. There are also many independent, non-profit rescue groups. Many of them do not have physical facilities but keep their pets in voluntary foster homes until they are adopted. Some of these are breed specific, meaning they focus on saving certain breeds or mixtures of breeds, often hoping people will adopt instead of buying from breeders.

How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

Adoption fees depend on age, type of pet, and location, but most range from $ 50 to $ 350 or more. This usually includes all the necessary vaccines, sterilization or sterilization and the microchip. Some shelters have special offers where they have adoptions at no cost. But remember that the costs of owning a pet aren’t just about the upfront fees: think about food, annual vet checkups, heartworm and flea / tick prevention, and of course, toys.

What documents are needed to adopt a pet?

Documentation depends on rescue or shelter. Some require that you provide veterinary records showing that all current pets are up to date with their vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. If you don’t own your home, you may need to prove that your landlord allows you to have a pet. Most groups require ID to prove a minimum age (18, 21 or maybe older).

Some shelters and shelters require that you complete an application before you can meet a pet. Some will do veterinary checks or call referrals to screen for potential parents of pets. You may also be asked to complete a questionnaire about your home or lifestyle so that adoption counselors can help you find the best pet. In some cases, you will be able to meet and play with a pet that day and bring it home. However, sometimes the process can take longer.

How we choose the best pet adoption agencies

We started the process by looking at shelters and rescues in major cities or with a national presence. Sifting through dozens of organizations, we’ve focused on no-slaughter agencies that welcome stray animals and owners who surrender or rescue animals from high-mortality shelters that lack the resources. to find homes for all their animals. In rescue circles, “no-kill” typically means saving every dog ​​or cat that can be rescued and that does not have extreme health or behavior issues. Typically, for a shelter to be considered a no-kill, they rescue at least nine out of 10 dogs that are admitted.

We’ve given extra credit to groups that have focused on making a great match like Austin Pets Alive! with its detailed research and application and PAWS Chicago with its compatibility quiz. And we’ve been really impressed with organizations like Wags & Walks who have an open mind both about the animals they are offering for adoption and about potential adopters who want to bring them home.

All of the agencies we have chosen include the necessary vaccines, spaying or neutering, and the microchip, but most were also on our list as they provide additional support to community pet owners, such as care. veterinarians and low cost training courses.

Final result

Choosing a pet adoption agency will likely depend on geography – you probably aren’t going to stray too far from your place of residence to find the perfect pet. But what we’ve found is that no matter where you go, the best places offer the same things. They work hard to make sure that animal and person are a perfect match and that you have the resources to make the relationship successful.

If you don’t live in one of the cities mentioned here, we recommend that you start with Petfinder. It allows you to search online for a pet that has all the qualities that you are looking for in your new pal. But be patient. If you don’t see the puppy or kitten that makes you vibrate, set an alert and wait. You’ll have your BFF in no time.

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