The Dodo Establishes Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption Matchmaking Platform

The Dodo has set up a clever scheme to boost pet adoptions this Valentine’s Day.

The animal-centric publisher, owned by a media conglomerate Nine Media Group – which went public last month – has created an animal adoption matching tool called Choice of litter.

The geo-specific service was built in-house and will serve as an extension of the website owned and operated by The Dodo, the company said, seeking to match adopters with their perfect shelter-in-place cat or dog companions. with – including both temporary foster families and permanent adoptions. Users don’t need to register, just enter their postcodes to browse for nearby potential pets in an experience that mimics a dating app. Profiles contain photos, descriptions and contact information. Interested adopters can also send inquiries to local rescue organizations through Pick Of The Litter directly.

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The Dodo Notes – quoting CDC data – that pets are proven to positively affect the mental and physical health of their owners in stressful situations, such as, for example, a global pandemic.

“With the success we have had to date from our original programming adoption day and Home Logs, we know that our audience is deeply interested and invested in adopting animals,” Marketing Director of Dodo Sarah Butler said in a statement. “Building on this point of public passion, we’ve built our new tool to provide real utility to our community of animal lovers.”

Home Logs, which launched at the start of the pandemic in March, showcases the myriad ways adoptive pets have brought happiness to their humans during difficult times. To date, the two adoption-focused series have garnered over 1.1 billion views on Youtube and Facebook, said the Dodo.

You can check out the most recent episode of Home Logs below, and check out The Dodo’s new pet matching service here.

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