The Pet Shop Boys’ ABBA Voyage and Dreamworld brought tears to their eyes, but which songs make you cry?

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I never saw ABBA in concert for the first time, to be honest I still haven’t seen it – ABBAtars don’t really count. But they’re the next best thing, especially since for the better part of 100 minutes, the technology that brings the virtual Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anni-Frid to life in ABBA Voyage effortlessly tricks the senses into believing that these digital creations are real.

The Pet Shop Boys, on the other hand, are still very much real. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen them in action or enjoyed one of their many side projects. In Glasgow on Sunday, a crowd of around 12,000 arrived to join them on their Dreamworld greatest hits tour, but how do you choose what to play from a 40-year-old catalog when you only have 100 minutes for the do – 100 minutes seems to be a popular ensemble length these days and, without an interval, is perfect whether standing or sitting.

Pet Shop Boys Dream World Photo: Liam Rudden

The choice to close their show with Being Boring ended a night filled with emotion and memory, with the lyrics taking a particularly poignant turn when images of a young Tennant and Lowe appeared on the screens behind them.

If music has the power to move and the nostalgia to inspire by encouraging a sense of purpose and optimism, combined, there is no doubt that they lift the spirits in a way that very few others can. do it.

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ABBA Voyage: the avatars of Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anni-Frid are amazing, happiness…

Therefore, it is not uncommon to witness tears at a concert, especially those from acts with a long legacy. Not the frenzied tears of hysteria that people like the Bay City Rollers and the Beatles encountered back in the day, but tears often accompanied by a wistful smile. This was evident at both ABBA Voyage and Dreamworld, but perhaps not as much as they were recently, when Gary Barlow brought A Different Stage to the Royal Lyceum.

A single sung note from the Take That star was enough to reduce many older women in the audience to nothing more than whimpers.

It’s strange too that it’s not always the song you expect to leave you in pieces that does the damage, some just log on at night, sneaking around in stealth mode to take you by surprise.

ABBA Voyage has particularly known moments of sensory overload, when the memories evoked by the lyrics and the music have just opened the floodgates, Being Boring by the Pet Shop Boys has always been of a melancholy that can easily trigger tears.

I remember watching the audience that attended I Ran With the Gang, my musical telling the life story of Alan Longmuir, the first Bay City Roller, and seeing fifty and sixty year olds back to being the teenagers they were when they first heard characters like Summerlove Sensation or Saturday Night – they were transported to a more carefree time when life was simpler, that’s the power of all music with which you grow up, be it Beethoven, Beatles or Bananarama. It’s hard not to get emotional when you listen to the soundtrack of your life.

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