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I have already lost cats, both after difficult decisions. Libby also had cancer, but it was in her lungs, and there was nothing we could do about her. Julian had a blood clot in his leg. I could also have amputated his leg, but he was in poor health and very old; he was unlikely to survive the operation, let alone recover and lead a normal life.

Apple was different and I felt deep inside that we could help her. She still had years to live.

On August 27, we had his leg amputated.

The operation went well. She woke up as usual and the vet was delighted to see how well everything had gone. They would keep her for a few days to help her relearn how to walk and use the litter box.

But then she stopped eating.

Two days after the operation, when I had to take her home, the vet called me to say that they had to force-feed her. I could come get her, but I would have to do the same at home if she wasn’t eating.

My husband and I were uncomfortable with this, fearing that it would hurt the stapled area, the site of his old leg. So she stayed another day.

The next morning another call from the vet, who said Apple was still not eating and just being there might stress her out. She drools, does not eat, and is generally upset. We decided I should have her the next day (Monday), in the hopes that she would be more relaxed at home.

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