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After missing another kitten, this one named Cupid, I emailed her foster family, Rivka Gates. “We’ve been so patient and it’s so competitive,” I sobbed. “I feel like I’m trying to buy a baby on the black market.

Gates was sympathetic. “I see how you would feel that way. I’m quite stunned by the attention myself, ”she replied. Pictures of Cupid and her littermates had been uploaded at 10 a.m., and within minutes, “I had three dozen requests,” she said, reassuring me that ‘there would be other kittens.

And so, you will be happy to learn, there was. Before the pandemic lockdown, Leo and I were frequent visitors to a Crumbs & Whiskers kitten lounge, a faux fur-strewn place where, for $ 35, you can play with adoptable kittens for 70 minutes. (The chain, which also has a location in Los Angeles, also offers 15- and 30-minute “experiences”.) At the time, we were really window shopping, but I still decided to get pre-approved for the adoption, like a mortgage. If a kitten became available, we could pounce.

Telephone interviews with volunteers at the shelter responsible for adoptions from Crumbs & Whiskers followed, a home visit via FaceTime was scheduled (Did we have mosquito nets? Where did we keep our plants?) And, finally, the approval. adoption has been granted. And thanks to my happy foresight, I finally started getting weekly emails just for us VIPs.

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