The Sesame Street Dodo Video Series on Pet Adoption

Sesame Street fans and animal lovers alike rejoiced when Elmo rescued a puppy this summer (if you missed the introduction of new Sesame Street member to the HBO Max special, prepare to faint to the tango hairy-faced), but the little red monster quickly learned the power of a pet and is now on a mission to adopt more dogs.

To this end, Sesame Street partners with The Dodo to combine real-life animal adoption stories with everyone’s favorite Muppet characters in a new spin-off series.

In Families for furry friends, Elmo is the apprentice of a true shelter worker named Elli Frank, whose job it is to match rescue dogs to loving “Eternal Families”.

While Elmo may be new to working at an animal shelter, he has a knack for bonding with dogs and understanding exactly what makes each puppy special, even though he has a penchant for chewing on dogs. shoes or have “the moves”. Despite these unique pet personalities, the well-connected Elmo still has a friend on his mind – an actual child who would be the perfect big brother or sister to a small (or sometimes very big) dog.

Watch the first of three short but sweet episodes (and stay tuned for a Cookie Monster cameo!) Now, and find out more on Dodo Kids’ YouTube channel.

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