Two years into the pet adoption boom, some are getting kicked out


WEST ALLIS, Wis. – After two years of nearly empty pet shelters and rescues, some organizations are starting to see the number of admissions increase again.

Lucky Mutts Rescue in the Milwaukee area is one of them.

Carrie Zake, who helps run the volunteer-run organization, said that by this weekend they will have around 70 dogs in their foster program, a huge increase from a low of 7 at the mid-2020.

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Although Zake said there are a variety of reasons they and other rescues are seeing more dogs, one is that some people just never realized the responsibility that comes with having a dog. dog.

Time and care was easier for some when they were home all day, due to the pandemic. However, they may not have anticipated what a return to work and a normal life might have been like.

Although Zake said she understands people have extenuating circumstances, she said it’s troubling when people don’t plan.

“It’s disappointing because we get requests from people who just haven’t put 100% effort into making things work,” Zake said.

Lucky Mutts said they were able to track the number of “pandemic puppies” being returned.

However, they also saw fewer people rushing to adopt, as well as fewer people signing up to become foster parents.

“If we can’t adopt, if we can’t get foster families, then we can’t save more,” Zake said.

To learn more about how you can help Lucky Mutts Rescue, click here.

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