UK synth-pop duos Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys release collaborative single, “Purple Zone”


Two legendary British synth-pop duos, soft cell and Pet Shop Boyshave joined forces for a new collaborative single called “purple zone” which is available now as a digital single.

The track will also appear on Soft Cell’s upcoming studio album, * Happiness not includedthe duo’s first collection of new songs in 20 years, due out May 6.

Pet Shop Boys originally planned to just create a remix of “Purple Zone” for Soft Cell after seeing the latter act perform the song at a gig in 2021, but as they worked on the track, it ended up becoming a full collaboration.

In addition to releasing “Purple Zone” digitally today, a music video for air was created at the official Soft Cell Youtube channel.

The leader of Soft Cell Marc Almond said of the collaboration, “Working with the Pet Shop Boys has been a pleasure, and this track is the perfect combination between us and them”, while his bandmate, David Ballnote, “‘Purple Zone’ is probably our finest pop moment since the early 1980s.”

The Pet Shop Boys add, “We are thrilled to collaborate with such an inspiring duo like Soft Cell on this beautiful song.”

“Purple Zone” is also available for pre-order as a CD single and 12-inch vinyl single from Soft Cell’s Online Store and to LexerMusic.comeach version featuring bonus tracks.

The “Purple Zone” CD contains the single version of the track, an extended mix by Pet Shop Boys, a remix created by Manhattan clique and a 1978 cover X-ray spex tune “The Day the World Became Day-Glo.” The vinyl record also includes the single version and the extended mix of Pet Shop Boys, as well as the remix version and dub remix of Pet Shop Boys.

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