Viral pet adoption site shares marketing strategy

Hank’s adoption shelter last reported over 50 new requests, but the “very offensive dog” still remains with Clauder. An update section of the site recounts a few failed encounters with the puppy, but the latest development, August 17, states “no potential adopters on the site. [sic]. “

A sneaky little message at the bottom of each page reads: “Site of Christine Clauder, currently unemployed and looking for a job.” Index index ”, with a link to his CV.

The marketer told Ad Age that since the site was published, “a lot of companies have contacted me, but unfortunately they weren’t based in Houston. I have a few offers on the table that I’m sort of throwing back and forth.

In addition to looking for a permanent job, Clauder’s website has helped her land freelance positions in website building. She is currently working on two sites for authors which will be launched soon.

“None of them are animal related, they just liked the transparency very much and, I guess, the ease with which they were able to navigate. [Hank’s] to place.”

Clauder says the key to her success is having a unique voice and not being afraid to use it. “Trust your instincts and never read comments.”

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