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You have been dreaming of your own mobile home for years. You would prefer to live there all year round! And why not? To finally be able to buy that beautiful, luxury mobile home, you can take out a personal loan or revolving credit if you do not have enough money of your own.

If you meet certain conditions, you can also take out a mortgage for a mobile home. With a mortgage you can use different deductions, making your dream caravan perhaps even more affordable.

Which loan can you take out for a mobile home?

Which loan can you take out for a mobile home?

In certain cases, the interest on your loan for a mobile home in 2018 is tax deductible, so that you can take advantage of the mortgage interest deduction. The tax authorities then treat the loan in the same way as a mortgage on a house.

This also means that you will receive an addition to the notional rental value. You can calculate your monthly housing costs on the basis of the mortgage interest deduction and the addition, and thus determine for yourself whether your own mobile home can become a reality.

The conditions for mortgage interest deduction

The conditions for mortgage interest deduction

You are eligible for mortgage interest deduction on a mobile home if it is clear that the mobile home is connected to all utilities, that you have a permanent residence permit and if the mobile home has a permanent place for which you are licensed by the government. You must also use the complete loan for the mobile home.

A possible renovation is also tax deductible if these conditions are met.

In addition to the above conditions for mortgage interest deduction, special requirements apply to be eligible for a loan or mortgage for a mobile home. For example, you must own the land on which the mobile home is located, the mobile home must be registered property and have an official valuation report when you want to take out a mortgage or loan for a mobile home.

You can also take out a loan or mortgage for a houseboat, houseboat or villa. Just like with a mobile home, you are entitled to a mortgage interest deduction if you meet the aforementioned conditions for the mortgage interest deduction. With a water villa you are not entitled to a mortgage interest deduction, but you also do not pay a transfer tax.

During an informal consultation, we will be happy to tell you more about the options for buying a mobile home, houseboat, houseboat or house villa. We can make a calculation of what is possible in your personal situation. Which loan can you take out for a mobile home?

We can also compare the conditions and monthly payments of different mortgage providers. Not every mortgage provider also provides mortgages for mobile homes, houseboats, houseboats or house villas.

By arranging everything clearly for you, you get a clear picture of the feasibility of your dream and what that means financially for you. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of a personal loan, revolving credit or mortgage, the current interest rates and the correct caravan insurance. With Good Financee you will be guided and relieved from A to Z.

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