Whitby Animal Hospital under fire after video shows staff member forcing sick cat to dance

An animal hospital in Whitby has said it does not tolerate the mistreatment of animals after a video was posted showing a staff member dancing a cat, who is clearly ill.

The video was posted on TikTok and shows the cat, who is on a drip, with a cone on his head and a bandaged leg, forced to dance.

King Hopkins Pet Hospital says they are currently dealing with affected staff accordingly.

They posted this statement on Facebook on Wednesday:

It has come to our attention in recent days that a video has been circulating of a member of our staff moving around a hospitalized cat to “make it dance”. We are aware of the situation and are currently dealing with affected staff accordingly to ensure this never happens again. Please note that this is not acceptable behavior and that we do not condone the handling or mistreatment of animals in any way. We apologize to those who have seen this extremely unacceptable video, and rest assured that appropriate action will be taken for those involved. We ask for your patience as we deal with this situation internally.

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