With More Pet Adoption and Transportation Facilities, Pet Tourism Becomes More Popular | Kolkata News

Darsheel, a 24-year-old bachelor from Bangalore was planning a trip to the mountains but didn’t want to leave his animal pal Milo behind or at a boarding house, that’s when he hooked up an animal transportation moving agency Milo for the trip.

As domestic travel has increased like everything after the pandemic, there are a growing number of travelers like Darsheel, who are willing to bring their pets. Meanwhile, the trend has even increased as during the pandemic pet adoption has also skyrocketed. In the past, people avoided taking their pets on vacation with them because it requires a lot of documentation and is time consuming.
However, with several pet transportation agencies in the market, things are much better now. They assist in the hassle-free relocation of pets to the vacation destination. Additionally, even the hospitality and tourism industry is becoming pet friendly. Meanwhile, there are several pet-friendly vacation planners out there helping people plan trips with their ever-growing list of pet-friendly hotels, resorts, and homestays. across India. Meanwhile, several hotels and cafes have started offering special services for pets.

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