“Your Forever Dog” A beautifully illustrated book celebrating Pet Adoption Day (April 30) and National Rescue Dog Day (May 20)

In “Your Forever Dog”, young Beej and her dog, Buddha Bear, notice that Big Boy is living alone. They bring him a roast chicken, a smile and a little hope. Will their kindness be enough to save him from living alone in an empty urban lot? Will Big Boy agree to trust Beej and Buddha Bear?

Your Forever Dog” is a story of relationships filled with mistrust and doubt, friendship and betrayal, and the power of love. It’s about choosing to overcome the past and move forward into the future. This is the story of what it feels like when someone love you.

The Midwest Book Review says, “Charmingly illustrated…”Your Forever Dog: How It Feels When Someone Loves You”…is a heartwarming read that will have very special appeal and resonance with readers of all ages who have, or have had, “Your Dog Forever” is especially and wholeheartedly recommended for elementary school, college, and community library pet/wildlife collections.”

All proceeds from the sale of “Your Forever Dog” and the first book, “Lost, Found and Forever”, are donated to pet rescue organizations. Author Leslie Yerkes, a renowned consultant speaker, will beckon any relief groups that would like her to speak at a fundraiser or other event. Contact missy toms for more information.

“Your Forever Dog” is available in hardcover and Kindle versions on Amazon.

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